Food Service Products



  • Bakery, grocery, notion, sandwich and sub bags
  • French fry, pizza and pretzel bags
  • Foil bbq, hamburger, hot dog, garlic bread and chicken bags
  • Take out sacs and wicketted bags
  • Custom sizes and printing available on all bags


  • Chinese food, cookie, donut and pizza boxes
  • Folded dinner and snack cartons
  • Custom sizes and printing available on all boxes


  • Nacho and sandwich containers
  • Foam take-out containers and soup bowls
  • Food buckets, dessert, ice cream and sundae dishes
  • Hot dog holders

Cups and Glasses

  • Foam: hot and cold drink cups
  • Paper: cone (rolled brim or straight edge), hot and cold drink, portion and water cups
  • Java Jacket insulator sleeves
  • Plastic: beer, juice, mixed drink and portion cups
  • Liqueur and shot glasses, wine glasses and all plastic stemware
  • Printing available on all cups and glasses

Food Service Wrap

  • Basket liners, chocolate greaseproof and foil insul-wrap
  • Hot dog, hamburger submarine wrap


  • Paper plates (coated or uncoated)
  • Foam and plastic plates (available in different colours)
  • Chinet plates

Table Top Items

  • Knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons and soupspoons (different grades and colours available)
  • Non-disposable cutlery also accessible (non-stock products)
  • Napkins: cocktail, coloured, dinner, dispenser and luncheon napkins (all available in one or two ply)
  • Printing available on all napkins
  • Banquet paper, table covers and skirts, placemats, doilies and coasters (paper, cellulose or chipboard)
  • Printing available on banquet paper, placemats and coasters
  • Custom printed sugar stix
  • Matches and wet naps (regular or antiseptic)
  • Printing available on all matches and wet naps


  • Beer, food, pizza and take-out trays