Food Service Products



  • Vented fruit and grape bags, lettuce bags
  • Grocery, bakery and cello window bread bags
  • Ice cube and zip lock bags
  • Vacuum bags, pouches and equipment
  • Poly pound bags
  • Deli, convenience and wicketted bags
  • Bag closure systems
  • Custom sizes and printing available on all bags

Boards & Boxes

  • Cake boards (foil lined, corrugated, foam)
  • Cake circles and pads
  • Berry boxes and candy boxes
  • Cake, donut and pie boxes, cello window boxes
  • Patty, sausage and slab boxes
  • Custom sizes and printing available on all boxes


  • Bakery, bread crumb, cookie, candy, Danish, deli and muffin containers
  • Nacho, produce, soup, salad, sandwich and tart containers
  • Clamshells, showcakes, dual-ovenable and microwaveable containers
  • Custom sizes and printing available on most containers

Foil Products

  • Aluminum foil rolls and pop up sheets
  • Meat, pie and tart forms
  • Steam table pans and oblong containers

Food Packaging Products

  • Cling film (cutter box and refill rolls)
  • Bakery, freezer, meat, produce and poultry film
  • Poultry pads and foam meat trays (many colours)
  • Butcher, lettuce and loin wrap, freezer, patty, peach, scale and waxed paper: waxed sulphite, hi-density sheets and pizza liners: vegetable and silicone parchments
  • Bushel liners, cello rolls and sheets: fruit and vegetable sleeves: sandwich wrap and equipment

Labels & Tie Products

  • Pressure sensitive labels (plain, stock print and custom print)
  • Rubber bands, twist ties (paper and plastic) and butcher twine

Miscellaneous Items

  • Vending cups, baking cups (foil and paper)
  • Pizza supports
  • Anti-fatigue matting